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Vogalonga41 Venezia Rialto

41st Vogalonga

On Friday, 22.05.2015, a team of eleven Schammspritzer got on the road to Venice to participate in the 41st Vogalonga, a 30 KM rowing/paddling event happening every pentecoast in Venice with the final kilometers passing through the Canale Grande. Preparation for this event already started in February with a regular weekly training, but there was still some anticipation that everything will work out… Read more →

1/3 Vogalonga Training

This is 1/3rd of the Vogalonga distance with the first 3.6KM against a strong spring tide. Those of us paddling this sunday  know how easy this felt after getting out of the water 😉 Please mind the bridge to bridge race after 9.4 KM. Read more →

Video from first Vogalonga training session

It is still winter out there but the first training session already started. 11 brave paddlers prepare for venice.