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Alles run um das Rennen 2011

Race / Rennen 2011: Fun Sport…

The Schlammspritzers were present at the 2011's dragon boat race. The day started with good signs. In the the wet summer season this day was a good exception: dry, sunny, and warm. Race conditions! At 8.00h a.m. the trailer has been unloaded (tent, tables, benches). The paticipants appeared and the tent could be build up. The Schlammspritzers had the go… Read more →

T-Shirt contest 2011

Dear Schlammspritzer’s, first of all: thank you very much for joining the Schlammspritzer team. There is an old tradition that we design a team T-Shirt every year. The T-Shirt basically hat two elements: The marum logo (attached) with additional text „www.marum.de“ A mascot (in most cases: a dragon). The color of the T-Shirt depends on the availability, most people prefer… Read more →

Call for participants!

Dear all, the announcement for the „8. Bremer Drachenboot-Cup 2011“ has been released an we are almost ready to participate. The race will take place on September 3rd 2011, starting at 8:00 and might last until 18:00 hours. All we need right now is to summon up a team. If you are interested, please join us by sending an email… Read more →