Autor: Götz

The dragon is aroused!

On September 16th our new dragon boat arrived from the boatyard. At the afternoon the boat’s launching ceremony took place and the dragon aroused with it’s new name Tethys. Afterwards some swim tests has been done. Thanks to all participating people of the Bremen Draggstars and the Schlammspritzer team. Here is a small variety of pictures of the event.   Read more →

Race / Rennen 2011: Fun Sport…

The Schlammspritzers were present at the 2011's dragon boat race. The day started with good signs. In the the wet summer season this day was a good exception: dry, sunny, and warm. Race conditions! At 8.00h a.m. the trailer has been unloaded (tent, tables, benches). The paticipants appeared and the tent could be build up. The Schlammspritzers had the go… Read more →