T-Shirt contest 2011

Dear Schlammspritzer’s,
first of all: thank you very much for joining the Schlammspritzer team.

There is an old tradition that we design a team T-Shirt every year. The T-Shirt basically hat two elements:

  1. The marum logo (attached) with additional text „www.marum.de“
  2. A mascot (in most cases: a dragon).

The color of the T-Shirt depends on the availability, most people prefer any kind of blue, but there is no rule that it has to be a specific color.
This year, we – meaning your captains – intent to call a T-Shirt design competition. If you want to participate, please send your draft to us, we will post them on the website and start a poll, which means YOU decide what we will look like on September 3rd!
The competition will end on June 15th!

Please note that we cannot post copyrighted material on the website, so be creative!

Nico promised a nice price for the winner!

So, let’s get started!
Your Captains
Nico and Thorsten

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