Call for participants!

Dear all,

the announcement for the „8. Bremer Drachenboot-Cup 2011“ has been released an we are almost ready to participate.

The race will take place on September 3rd 2011, starting at 8:00 and might last until 18:00 hours.

All we need right now is to summon up a team. If you are interested, please join us by sending an email to Nicolas or Thorsten, this year‘s captains. It’s fun! We’ll keep you posted what will happen next.  If you’re interested in the the full race announcement, please see read this PDF.

A few frequently asked questions (the answers, more or less):

  1. If you are an employee of an associated institute (e.g. AWI, MPI, ZMT), your’re also welcome.
  2. There will be one or two training lessons, probably in August.
  3. There will be a fency T-Shirt! You can keep it!
  4. You do not need any experience in advance, if you feel like an absolute newbee, this is absolutely no problem.
  5. Food and drinks will be organized.
  6. The coast depend on the number of participants, maybe 10-15€ including food and drinks, depending on our main sponsor.
  7. You might get wet!

One more thing: we’ve started a new website:

It is work in progress, but if you have some photos from the past years, we encourage you to post them there either by registering as a user or sending them to Thorsten.

What else to say? Are you ready? Attention ! Go!

Your captains Nicolas and Thorsten


Ausschreibung DB-Cup 2011

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